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Whole Body Reset

This isn’t a traditional diet where you cut and count calories.

This is a 4-week program where you’ll eat filling nutrient-dense meals, move every day and cultivate sustainable long term change.

You’ll begin by learning simple and effective strategies for building new habits, allowing you to take away the pressure of failure, and feel successful immediately.

We’ll go deep on how to improve the way you fuel and move your body with recipes, workouts, and live weekly support. Plus, you’ll get practical tips around meal planning, eating out, snacking and managing stress.

We’ll touch on how to improve your sleep, so you can wake up feeling rested and full of energy to tackle your day. Also along the way, we’ll cover topics like hydration, breath-work, connection and gratitude.

What You'll Receive Each Week

Recipe e-book filled with simple, delicious and healthy recipes

20-minute bodyweight workouts (HIIT, yoga, and resistance)

Podcast episodes filled with practical tips & strategies

30 minute live group Q&A to answer your questions

Pricing & Payment

Investment: $65
Starts: May 16, 2021

If you prefer to pay via email money transfer please call me at 705.627.3663 or contact me here to arrange.

Choose A Location

Note: You’ll need to choose the 7:30pm time on Sunday May 16 in order to register. This is the time of the weekly Q&A sessions. Don’t worry, if you can’t make that time a recording will be sent to you.

The Core Four Behaviours

There are four behaviours that have the greatest impact on improving your health. You’ll focus on these to reset and propel your journey to weight loss and wellness. Each day of the challenge you’ll track the core four behaviours: fuel, move, sleep and hydrate.


Eat nutrient-dense whole foods filled with the vitamins, minerals, and fibre that keep you full while promoting weight loss and overall well-being. 


Choose activities that bring you joy and discover how to incorporate more movement into your days without the stigma of ‘exercise’. 


A good night’s sleep is essential for overall health. Build a sleep routine that helps you wake up feeling rested and energized every single day.


Water is required for every process within your body. Learn why hydration is so critical as a baseline habit that can improve your health immediately.

Podcast Topics

Each week you’ll receive two short audio podcasts with practical tips and strategies for maximizing the benefits of the core four behaviours. Running 2-5 minutes in length, they’re perfect for listening to on your commute, while your tea steeps or waiting for your coffee to brew.

Meal Prep





Eating Out



Are you ready for a whole body reset? Let’s get started.

If you’ve decided to take action towards feeling better, the good news is that you’ve already taken the hardest step. I’m excited to help you build on that momentum and help you along the path towards your wellness goals. Using my four pillar approach I’m confident that I can help you eat, move and feel better.

Still have questions? Contact me and I’d be happy to answer them.

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