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My mission is simple. It’s to help people feel better in their every day lives.

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, and I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge of health and wellness to help you achieve your wellness goals. Making changes doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to work for you as an individual. I believe in the power of incremental change and consistency when it comes to getting results, not wholesale change overnight. We all have our own unique journey, and there is no single path to living your best life.

My goal is to empower you with knowledge and an understanding of how what you eat and the way you move affects how you feel. Knowledge is power only when applied, and together we’ll build a plan based on your lifestyle, to help you eat, move and feel better.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated.
It just has to work for you.

We are all victims of circumstance. The food industry, lack of reliable information, poor lifestyle habits learned from those around us, and the mounting stresses in our lives all contribute to societies degrading overall health picture. In other words, it’s not your fault. What you eat, and how you move, significantly impacts how you feel on a daily basis. These impacts can be seen in everything from energy levels, to sleep quality, immunity, mood and more. 

Feeling better doesn’t have to be overwhelming or feel like a chore. In fact, it should be exciting and energizing. After all, we’re talking about improving how you feel on a daily basis. I work with clients to build plans around small consistent changes that get results AND fit into their current lifestyle. 

By approaching your wellness goals from 360-degrees, I look to support the body’s systems to work better together through four pillars: nutrition, movement, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

1. Nutrition

Food is the body’s currency with the outside world and has a direct impact on how it functions at a cellular level, affecting all parts of your daily life. I work with you to create personalized plans that are aligned with your goals, and lifestyle. Long term health improvement doesn’t happen overnight and I want to support you with practical knowledge that supports incremental change along the way.

2. Movement

We are meant to move often, which is becoming increasingly difficult and infrequent in the modern world. I believe that finding movements that bring you joy is an essential piece of the puzzle, and work with you to both discover and train for them. Not all movement is created equal and I look to help you focus on the quality of movement, not just quantity, resulting in nourishing movement habits that strengthen both mind and body.

3. Lifestyle

The way we view the world, and the decisions we make as a result of those views, can have dramatic effects on our overall well-being. I believe that connection, community and self-discovery are central to living a well balanced and productive life. We’ll touch on habits around sleep, rest, stress management, and mindset to find a routine that sets you up for success, and fits within your existing daily routines.

4. Supplements

Vitamins and minerals work synergistically with one another and are best obtained from whole, natural food sources. However, the declining nutrient values in food and varying rates of individual absorption and utilization can lead to deficiencies and imbalances that impact how we feel. The right supplements can help in restoring deficiencies, while we work toward rebalancing your body systems through more nutrient-dense foods.

Are you ready to change how you feel every day? Let’s work together.

If you’ve decided to take action towards feeling better, the good news is that you’ve already taken the hardest step. I’m excited to help you build on that momentum and help you along the path towards your wellness goals. Using my four pillar approach I’m confident that I can help you eat, move and feel better.

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